Pema Choling Canada is a Registered Canadian Charity in support of the Pema Choling Institute, Bumthang, Bhutan

Canadian Charitable Registration Number
BN 86198 8863 RR0001

Improving the lives of women in Bhutan

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Current Projects

Balancing the needs between future growth and current needs, money is needed for both the ongoing construction of the infrastructure as well as for the day to day needs of the nuns.

Day to Day Requirements

Money generated from Pema Choling organizations help to support the students – providing food and important educational supplies. Personal care items though, are the responsibility of the women themselves, so sometimes it is necessary for them to travel to the local village to work in some capacity in order to acquire what they need.
Food is very simple for much of the year – the nuns eating rice with chilis for most meals. Increasing the quality of food is expensive since a variety of foods are not available, especially in colder months. The nuns tend their own large garden which provides vegetables in the summer.

Current Living Conditions

Currently, the first phase of the hostel is complete and all students and teachers are housed comfortably in simple but practical rooms. The hostel does have indoor plumbing facilities in the warmer months. However, in the cold months, since there is no way to keep pipes from freezing, the women use water from a nearby stream. A water catchment system is being explored in order to use water more effectively.
The Institute is connected to the electrical grid but power is expensive and not reliable in this remote area. To offset these challenges, solar panels have been installed and help to provide power to Pema Choling.
An adequate kitchen facility was built separate from the main hostel. In 2013 some of the cooking facilites were upgraded from wood-fired to electrical making meal preparation more efficient.

Building Projects

  1. The Lhakhang / multi-purpose hall is a large structure for assemblies, teaching, ceremonies, and other events. This building will become the heart of the Institute and will house the main shrine which has central importance to the students and to the community.
  2. Classroom construction is underway.
  3. A new library funded by the Bhutan Nuns Foundation is established. It is the first of its kind for a women’s instution.
  4. Retreat facilities. After the nine-year curriculum, some graduates will choose to enter into traditional three year retreat.
  5. A Cultural Center is planned for the future.